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    How do I import from I photo?


      When I import I photo does not show up as a source that I can import from

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi rochelleh,




          You can refer to the webpage help: http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/import-iphoto.html



          To import photos from iPhoto into Lightroom, first you have to help Lightroom find the original photos, which are hidden in a package file. Then, you can copy or add the photos to a Lightroom catalog just like you would import any other photos from a folder on your computer.

          Note: These instructions are for iPhoto '11 version 9.2.



          •   In the Finder, navigate to your iPhoto package file. By default, it's located in /Users/[user name]/Pictures, and it's called iPhoto Library.





            Control-click the iPhoto Library file and choose Show Package Contents.




          A Finder window opens that shows the contents of the package file. The Masters folder contains all of the photos that are in iPhoto. However, Lightroom cannot access this folder.



            Control-click the folder named Masters and choose Duplicate.





              Drag the folder named "Masters copy" from the iPhoto Library Finder window to your Desktop.



          Lightroom can see this folder.



              Open Lightroom and drag the Masters copy folder into the Grid view of the Library module.



          The import window opens, with your iPhoto files selected in the preview area. By default, Lightroom wants to Add these photos to your catalog. Select Copy or Move, if preferred, and specify the destination folder and other options in the panels on the right side of the import window.