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    How do I make a text box, a graphic box and a table move together


      I am new to Indesign and I am building a catalog that will be printed.  Each item in the catalog basically consists of a text box (Heading and Description of the item), a graphic box (picture of the item) and a table (Price list of the item in multilple Models).


      Like This:

      Catalog Layout.PNG

      They are also varying sizes - sometimes only one item will fit on a page and sometimes 3-4 items will fit on the page.  I would like to be able to grab an entire item - with the text, picture and table and simply drag them and drop them above or below another item and get the other items to "bump" onto other pages as necessary.  I know how to flow text into other text boxes and I know how to insert a image into the text and flow it with the text.  I know how to make the table flow from one page to another.  I can't make the work together.  Thanks for any advice.