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    Checklist for Single-sourcing

      Hi all,
      I have a project that is written with RHX5 and delivered as a CHM.
      This project is two years old now, is mine right from the start and pretty much looks as I wanted it to look like :-)
      Now, the bad guys have rebranded the product that this CHM document,
      so I am asked to provide two CHMs, one for each brand, that differ from each other as follows:
      - some keywords (product name, key GUI elements, etc.)
      - all Visio drawings (embedded as GIFs)
      - all screenshots
      - most of the topic names
      - some of the topics
      The project is about 100 topics long.
      Both products are going to evolve similarly, but packed and shipped differently, hence I will have to deliver the two CHMs.
      Is it possible to keep a single source for this project,
      or, should I split the project into two RH projects?