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    How do I make InDesign CC to automatically adjust row height for images placed in cells? Worked in CS versions...

    Andreas Jansson Level 2



      The CC way of handling images in table cells seems to break functionality when importing XML with image references, into tables. We have images prepared that are exactly the correct size. Up until CS6 the row height automatically adapted itself to the image height, when importing.


      I notice that the case is the same when I manually place an image in a cell.


      In CC2015 the row height is unaltered after placing the image, and only part of the image is shown. In CS4 and CS6 the cell height is automatically made higher so that the image is fully visible.


      I'd need the "Fit Frame to Content" option to be the default behaviour, but that option is not present when you select default option (by having [nothing selected] and then entering "Frame Fitting Options" from the Object menu to set defaults).



      Is there a setting to get back the old behaviour, or how do you set "Fit Frame to Content" as default?

      Or is there another way to make it work like before?