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    not talking responsive -create banner ad expand on rollover, how to workflow code tutorial?


      Please note: I am not asking how to make responsive banner ad or how to animate or add movies


      I need a small banner ad to expand to a larger ad - like this:  Expandable Banners.com | Push Down Banners | Corner Peel Banners | Takeover Banners | Rich Media Banner ads.


      I used to make flash sites. - I have also used edge reflow - Dreamweaver.. and  I am using edge animate for this project


      a. is adobe animate correct tool to make an expanding rich media linked banner ad what is the workflow?

      b. how do I literally make the smaller ad... expand to teh larger ad and work?!


      a banner ad 720 x 90 on rollover  it expands to 720 x larger than 150 [or something] the expnded version has a movie and links

      how do I achieve the transition from small ad to large ad?


      Best guess but this is a canvas size [ div size] issue - so ...? no answers anyplace!


      A  a button but on a much larger scale? so "on click"  it would be the larger banner?

      B. " symbol" other than button.. that I don't know about

      C. take this thing to a different adobe product - if so what would the workflow be and any tutorials?


      Thanks!!! I am a designer not a code wizard so please be kind!