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    Need a suggestion on this one


      I've decided to use a cookie from ASP and pass its value to Flash. In ASP I use this line

      intUID = Request.Cookies(Application("COOKIE_NAME"))("uID")

      to apply a value to a variable and then I used this line on each page

      <%If intUID = 0 Then%>

      to verify if the user has or has not logged in.

      Now I want to pass this value to Flash. I intend to use the XML for that. My question is where to put the load XML code? I need to be the value of the cookie checked each time a new sfw is loaded into main swf so the right content is loaded. I was thinking to load a swf (login.swf), where the load XML code is and then load this movie each time other swfs are loaded (this way the login.swf checkes the cookie value). These loaded swfs then checks in the login.swf for the cookie value and loads the right content.

      Is this the right way or (I'm sure there is) a better way? THX for your help