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    Yet another LR vs Windows 10 problem


      I too, upgraded to Windows 10 Home and LR CC 2015 (the latest CC will give me) on the same day and suffer the freezing of LR.

      It freezes mostly when starting, occasionally works for a couple of minutes. I receive no error messages except "not responding" at the top.

      I've read every thread I could find and tried all the following:


      Unchecked the "Use Graphics Processor" (after finally getting there.)

      Tried to manually disable the graphics card but could not find the  "useAutoBahn" line in the preference file.

      Updated my NVIDIA graphics card driver. It was up-to-date but I reinstalled it. It is older but not on the unsupported list and I only have one.

      Updated the C++ software.

      I reset the preference file several times by using ALT Shift and also by renaming the file itself.

      One of those times it went back to my old LR 5 catalog which then converted it to the new format, so I have 2 new catalogs to play with. I still have the freezing problem with that new catalog.

      I reboot too.

      I have the full CC suite. Photoshop and Premiere work just fine. All my other apps work too.

      I have 175,000 images in my catalog.


      I searched the Microsoft and NVIDIA forums for clues to no avail.

      I did not uninstall/reinstall anything, yet.

      Could probably use a newer graphics card, but is that the real problem here?


      System info:


      Dell T5500

      Intel Xeon E5530 @ 2.4

      30 GB RAM

      64 bit

      Windows 10 Home

      NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

      Full Creative Cloud Suite with 7 apps installed


      Appreciate your help!