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    Annotating a Web Document?

      As is often the case, we have a great idea, but can’t seem to figure out to make it work. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Some background: we have a web application that is used primarily by university-level student writers, their writing peers and their teachers. We want to upgrade the manner in which they electronically share comments and feedback on essay drafts, which they have saved to our database. As of now, they are only able to attach an overall comment to the draft, but not imbed it in the draft in any way or attach individual comments to specific sections of the text.

      Here’s a quick overview of what we are trying to accomplish:

      1. Open a draft, give it a unique ID and write it to the DB in a way that imbeds the draft with some way of identifying character position and string length
      2. Commenter would then be able to select or mark a string of text and have the option add a comment to that string by selecting the appropriate icon
      3. Create a comment associated to the selected string: this step (series of steps?) would identify the marked text and wrap it in a span tag that would add a highlight and access to the comment text (which would show the comment through an “onclick” function?)
      4. Open a comment window (ID is passed to identify the comment and the draft): this is where the commenter types their comment into a textbox or text editor. (This window should also pull in and include the text being commented on?)
      5. Save the comment: this writes the comment to the DBTable, passing the ID that identifies the comment and draft.
      6. Draft refreshes, reloads with the new comment: the text string commented on will show up as highlighted. From here, more comments can be added, repeating the above steps (2-6).
      7. Writer clicks on highlighted section to view the comment

      So, essentially what we are trying to figure out is how to identify character position and string length in such a way that a user can add a comment to a specific section of text that they have selected. And, once they’ve done that, how might they access the same draft (set of data) multiple times, marking text and inserting more comments? Is there a way to do it with Jscript that might simplify the process (or at least make it possible)? Any ideas about what we should be looking at in terms of the coding?