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    Adobe ID


      I would like to pose a complaint.


      Let me start by saying: I HATE AdobeID!


      I’m all for internet security, but you take it too far.


      In the last two years or so I’ve had to change my password to log in to Behance 4 times. This is starting to be ridiculous.


      1 - First it was when Behance changed to the AdobeID. I could no longer use my usual password, and had to come up with a new one because you think I can’t have a password with five letters.


      (And let me stress that I am aware of the recommendation that in order to be more secure, one should always have an exclusive password for each service or site. And in a perfect world that would be nice. But I don’t have a perfect memory and have plenty of other things to worry about other that get one password for Behance, another for Facebook, another for Gmail, another for Hotmail, another for my office email, a different PIN number for my ATM card, another one for my Credit Card, another for my gym locker, and so on…)


      2 - After changing my AdobeID password for a bigger one, it worked for a while and all was well. And one day I tried to log in and it no longer accepted my password. The parameters had changed once again and it had unceremoniously deleted my previous password and kicked me out. I now had to once again choose another password. This time it had to have both lower and upper case characters and include at least one number or symbol.


      Someday I think the AdobeID password will require a combination of prime numbers multiplied by Pi, along with a hashtag, 50 characters and the name of your cat.


      3 - Needless to say that the third time I had to change my password, it was because I had forgotten it. Go figure… And of course you know, for passwords to be secure, you shouldn’t write them anywhere, they should only be in your head. Because of burglars and hackers and stuff. So it’s really easy to memorize 15 different passwords. Maybe, but not for me.


      4 - And now we arrive at today, 13 October 2015. Today I tried to log in and… be amazed… My password no longer worked and I was kicked out once again. Do you know why? Well, neither do I, because no one informed me of any changes. And even if they did, why do I have to change my password?


      I conclude it had something to do with the name, because now when I choose a new password, a new text I never saw before, appears: “Your password needs to not include your name or email address”.


      And if that wasn’t enough, it also reads “Your password needs to not be previously used or common.”


      Really? Really?? Am I trying to log in to Behance, or trying to enter Fort Knox? Did I mistakingly try to access nuclear launch codes?


      I’m starting to think that there is such a thing as too much security.


      I know all of your restrictions are meant for security purposes, but they should be recommendations not impositions. IT’S THE USERS PREROGATIVE TO CHOOSE THE PASSWORD THEY USE. If I want to use a simple, low security, hackable password, I should be able to. I know the risks, but it’s my choice. You can even inform me that it’s a low security password, the way some sites do, but it’s still MY choice. And you took that from me.


      The way this is heading, someday Adobe will issue me a predefined password with 50 characters, a hashtag and Pi, and I will be forced to memorize it. And since I haven’t got the brain space for it, its seems I will no longer be able to use your Behance services.


      You have such a great service with Behance. It’s a shame the nuisance that your AdobeID has become.


      Please consider modifying it to suit your users needs. Not what you think your users need.


      Thanks in advance for your time.

      Vitor Pimenta