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    Lightroom not recognizing the previews


      For some reason my Lightroom 6.1 does not recognize that previews exist for the files - I've tried deleting the Preview folders (both Standard and smart). And then tried building the previews. I get the notification saying the previews were built but in Develop mode, I do not see the Icons in the top right under the histogram showing previews exist for these files.

      It just says Original Photo instead of Original + Standard + Smart


      This used to work until i moved my catalogue from my Laptop to Desktop. The location of the photos has stayed the same but of course the location of the catalogue has moved. I then re-built the previews for all the photos but they never show up under the histogram


      This is what it should look like after the preview is built but it keeps saying Original Photo.

      http://www.andrewsgibson.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/lightroom-smart-previews-09.j pg