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    External USB Mixer with Captivate


      I would like to know if anyone has experienced issues using Captivate and now Captivate 2 with a USB mixer. Most mixers use the ASIO driver that you select within the software program to capture the mixed audio and make the recording. Since this is not an option with Captivate 2 I am stuck using the WDMAUD.drv widows audio driver for the mixer. Two issues occur when using this driver with my Alesis IO|2 mixer. 1 after a successful recording the second recording will speed up the voices making it sound like the chipmunks christmas album. Another issue that occurs is snapping and popping sounds appear in the recording. To get around these issues I unplug the IO|2 USB connector and the next recording is fine but again the issue returns on the next one. I've talked with tech support at Alesis, Tekam and M-Audio who have competitor mixers available and they stated the issues were likely with their products as well as long as I am unable to use the ASIO driver with their product.

      If anyone has any experience using an USB mixer with Captivate and has had success I would like to know what mixer you are using.