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    Invalid input when testing on iOS Simulator

    mola2alex Level 1

      Haven't worked with the simulator in the past so to make it simple, I set up an empty flash pro CC app that doesn't do anything or have any ANE's.  I have MAC OS El Capitan with Xcode 7.0.1.  I have a simulator running iPhone 6S plus.  I have all the dev and dist certs and all work fine for publishing to a real device but I want to test in the simulator.  If I do a Control - Test Movie - iOS Simulator, I get an invalid input dialog.  This is not very helpful.  I am wondering how you get the path to the IOS simulator SDK?  Its not something browsable in finder so I have tried a bunch of stuff and think that is what the invalid input is.  Can anybody help clarify this?  Also, what else causes this error or thoughts on how to set this up?

      Mac OS El Capitan

      xcode 7.0.1

      Flash Pro CC 2015

      AIR 19 (