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    Random movie loads

    AESS1981 Level 1
      I am loading movies at random starting with the following AS:

      this.createEmptyMovieClip("bground", 1);
      bground._x = 0;
      bground._y = 0;

      var myClips:Array = new Array("buzz_design1.swf", "buzz_design2.swf", "buzz_design3.swf", "buzz_design4.swf", "buzz_design5.swf", "buzz_design6.swf", "buzz_design7.swf");

      var currentClip = random(myClips.length);
      bground.loadMovie("buzzwords/" + myClips[currentClip]);


      At the end of each loaded MC I have:
      this.loadMovie("buzzwords/" + _root.myClips[random(_root.myClips.length)]);


      How do I ensure the same movie is not loaded twice in a row? Many thanks.