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    So confused. Please help!?


      I'm using Lightroom 3 and running Windows 7. I imported some photos from an SD card a few days ago. They all appeared in Lightroom, and I started editing a few. Today, when I opened LR, all of those photos have the question mark symbol and the program says they are missing. I've search online and gone through the process to reconnect the LR files to the ones (that should be) on the hard drive. I've also searched the hard drive for the files under the names they're assigned in LR. No files match my search. Every time I import photos, I click the "Copy as DNG" option at the top of the screen. I'm not positive that this was the case this time, but I've not changed it. I also formatted the SD card shortly after importing them to LR, and am not sure that I can recover anything from that card. Is there any way these photos are saved to my hard drive, and if so, how the heck can I find them? Thanks in advance for ANY help.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you specify a folder to copy the files to?


          Is it shown under the Folders tab?


          Or are the thumbnails shown as a drive/device under the name of the memory card?


          It could be that the photos were added rather than copied. If the card has been formatted the original images will have been wiped from the card. The only possibility is to recover the LR previews. You can download and install a utility from the attached link. A new script menu or icon will then appear on the menu bar to the right of Help. It should be possible to select the folder/drive and run the script to extract the jpeg previews although the size will depend on your preference settings.

          In future it’s best to back up the images from the card or the new DNG copies before formatting the card in the camera.



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            Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

            Hi robinc,


            The question mark on the images means that the images are missing from its location.

            You can find the images on your computer if you had chosen Copy, Copy as DNG or Move operation while importing.


            You may perform searches on your computer to find the images.


            For reference on the previous location of the images :


            > Make a right click on the images and choose Show in Explorer.

            > It will reveal the previous location.




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              robinc75067430 Level 1

              There is no folder specified, that I can tell, except "previous import". I scrolled through the rest of the photos I had in this catalog, and 800 of 812 photos have gone missing. Maybe my computer has a bug? I also tried to install the script to recover the previews, and got all the way to the last step, where it says to open the script menu...there is no script menu or anything resembling that on my screen.


              I definitely copied the pictures when I imported them. Is there any way they're hidden somewhere else on my hard drive? I'm wondering if I should take my computer to the shop and see if there's another problem. All of the pictures I've exported are safe in their files, but their LR copies are gone. Unfortunately, I hadn't exported these particular pictures.

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you select one of the images in the Previous Import and go to the Metadata tab on the right you should be able to see which folder they are in.