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    LiveCycle --> Word to PDF configuration issue

    M V SHAJI Level 1

      Hi all,

      We have problem in converting word to pdf in LiveCycle ES 8.2.

      As per the documents i have installed:

      1. Microsoft Word 2007

      2. Acrobat Pro 9.5.5

      3. LiveCycle (in turnkey installation and selected native file)

      Variable defined: "Acrobat_Path", "MSWord_PATH"

      I have made the "AdobePDF" as default Opened "Acrobat" and "Word" to check any popups appearing.

      I am able to create word to PDF in Acrobat and in MS Word there were Adobe Icon appeared in menu and successfully able to create PDF in word.

      Restarted the LiveCycle, in admui, using "Create PDF" i am getting the below error code.

      Error code: 11029

      Error message: ALC-PDG-011-029-c00000005.

      Please advice, where the installation went wrong. Shaji