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    flexbuilder/eclipse runs too slow

    kimbflex Level 1
      Flexbuilder 2 runs at a horribly slow speed after and hour or so of use.

      The code editor runs to an unusable crawl, it seems like it's trying to remember every change by character but saving the whole code at the same time.

      My home pc is a 1.8Ghz 512MB core solo, it can't suffer much more than quite small mxml files. My current project is at 1,200 lines of code and is now pretty hard to work with.

      My work pc is a dual Xeon 3.xGhz with 1GB ram which is a lot better at running Flexbuilder than my home pc although things get a bit weird after a couple of hours, really slows down, loads of memory used, bits of code copied to parent objects etc...

      I've read up on some Eclipse performance tips which make no difference from what I can see. I'd like to have something conclusive that will let me use Flexbuilder 2 on either pc without all these slowdowns

      Why does the Java engine consume so much memory whilst Flexbuilder 2 is running? I'm talking about well over 300MB!

      Why? I'm not a Java programmer but is Java collecting loads of Flexbuilder errors?

      Please help, this is becoming unbearable to work with, I also use other programming IDEs with all the same features as Flexbuilder on these computers but not with these issues.

      Adobe, give us some conclusive info or a patch to get us Flexbuilder 2 users working properly! Not stuff that might or might not work.


      ps I also tried Flexbuilder 2 mac beta on my Intel Mac, it was just too slow to do anything with at all. Maybe it's a debug version... dunno, not useable in my book anyway.