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    Book module picture troubleshooting?


      it is my second attempt to create a book. ( the first one was successful, it has be sent to be printed) I have uploaded pictures from a friend  different sources I.e memory stick, and her card  her camera. i have imported them into  collections in Lightroom, sorted the ones she wants to keep etc and created a collection to use in the book module.

      some of the pictures, once I have pressed the button for auto layout came with the warning "this photo is offline or cannot be found. It will be omitted when you print your book". If I go back to  picture in the library the only thing is at the top a DSC_1437.JPG. It that why?? Funny enough I cannot open it in Photoshop either (the menu gets not accessible) I shoot with cannon. Is that maybe because I was taken with another camera and my settings from my computer are differents? Please help me! I am on my own here and I want to learn so so much about photography....