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    stereoscopic video wont render properly


      I have been trying to make a stereoscopic video in after effects with element 3d. I am currently doing this by duplicating my camera in my scene and moving it right by 5 megapixels. I then make a comp of the left view and then right and add both comps into a new one with the 3d glasses effect added on. I set the 3d to anaglyph at first. (Balanced colour red and blue) this works wonderful when editing and have brilliant depth and pop out effects. But when I then change the format to stereoscopic and render and then watch on my 3d tv. It does not have the same effect. There is no problem with my TV but for some reason the 3d looks very flat and the pop out that would work in anaglyph inside after effects has gone and is just depth. I can't understand how this is happening because the information should surely be the same.


      I am currently using after effects cs5.5 and am exporting in h.264 output I believe. I would be extremely grateful for any help on this subject.