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    PDF files on Apple iPad iOS 9.0.2 all shows corrupt



      On my 2 IPADS (Ipad 2 and Ipad 3), since the upgrade to iOS 9.0.2 all my PDF files show corrupt/fail to open in iBooks. On iOS 8 I never had this issue.


      iBooks (built-in app) and other apps that rely on iOS to open them all show the PDF files as corrupt.


      downloaded Adobe Acrobat for IPAD app on 2 Oct. and opened those same PDF’s and they open perfectly. There is no issue with these PDF files as such.


      I then copied some older PDF files (version number 1.3) onto both ipads – only newer type PDF files (version 1.7) show corrupt. The older PDF v1.3  files also open fine on IOS 9.


      I emailed one of the APP companies I use to read documents with and they told me there is some “encryption key issue on IOS 9”. –they are waiting for Apple to fix it.


      The issue is somehow related to the IOS 9 upgrade.

      Any help appreciated.