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    Lightroom 6.2.1 El Capitan; Can't Import, Can't Quit

    s.trag Level 1

      Updated to Lightroom 6.2 and was happy minus the crashing.  Updated last week to fix the crashing and I cannot import photos. Lightroom sends me to a new screen where it doesn't show my SD most the time.  When it does, I can't import. Either way I cannot cancel.  I also cannot quit Lightroom without CMD + OPT + ESC.  When the main screen is minimized, the status menu in the upper left corner showing "importing photos and videos" is in a gray box on my screen and stays there.


      This is a royal mess.  I'm about to roll back to 6.1 unless there is an easy fix.  Next time it might be worth Adobe spending more than 5 minutes looking for bugs before releasing.