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    Lightroom cc and OS X El Capitan uses all system resources


      I have a Macbook Pro 13inch from earlier this year

      With 3,1 GHz intel core i7 and 16GB RAM and a 512 GB Flash disk.


      Upgraded to OS X El Capitan and I had problems with Lightroom CC keep crashing.

      I updated the release you put out and now it isn't crashing anymore, but it is slow, very slow.

      When I start Lightroom it uses 92 -100 % of the cpu power and I am unable to do anything


      I have photos in need to be edited and with the way Lightroom is now I cannot work,  and yes I know it is Lightroom, as no other software on this computer is affected.


      Please fix this asap. I pay for a working service and now it is not.