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    Saving Datagrid content

      I have an editable Datagrid, which loads Data through a Webservice. After adding and editing Data in the Grid I want to send the new/edited data back to a webservice and write back again to the db. How can I do that?

      And what form will the data have?

      Thanks in advance for help.
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          Your datagrid's dataprovider should be an arrayCollection. Instead of using the result of your service as a provider, first put the data in an ArrayCollection. Now that your datagrid is reading from this, the array will change when the datagrid is changed. Now you have all of your new data in an array, which you can send back to your script to dump back in your db.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Yes, and the format of the data you send to the webservice will depend on what the web service requires.

            My personal preference for data exchange is XML strings. XML is XML and I don't have to worry about how the various parts of the communication chain are going to serialize or otherwise translate my data.