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    geforce or quadro with new dell xps15 and precision laptop line (oct15) choice for PPCC



      i've been running a few precision 15" laptops and my last one (M4600, quadro200M, 16Gb Mem, 3 drives all ssd) is dying.

      I just saw the latest released by dell of new XPS and Precision lines with 4K infinity screens, skylake ...

      I know Dell makes reliable and durable machines as mine is runing 12h a day.

      I might be in for replacing my current one with one of the above mentionned.

      But I'm not sure which one would be more suited for PPCC and a bit of AE

      looks like precision could have 2 ssd drives along with new M1000M quadro card

      precision might be more pro orientated and more durable

      but XPS15 is offering a 960M geforce with more cuda cores but only 1 drive

      what would you go for, performance wise

      with many thanks for your help