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    Action Script GetUrl

      Dear all how can I open a file on a cd rom using flash action script with the geturl() function without specifying the name of the drive?For example"E:\\Firas.ppt",I dont want to put the "E" letter ing my url coz the cd rom drive may be using another letter such as "F" and "G",Thanks for ur help
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          arunbe Level 1
          You can assign simply as its parents folder.
          No need to mentions the drive letter in all the cases.
          Look , Consider this is your folder structure.

          MyProject/Flash/Files/(The files which in turn open by Flash)

          In this case,
          To open any files in the "Files" folder from Index.swf file,

          You can use the
          If you want to open any files in the "Flash" folder means, you can
          directly give the file name as argument for getURL.