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    webapp - list items




      I've created a webapp called case-studies. It works fine and lists case study pages.


      All I want to do is now list all the case studies on a different part of the site, so essentially access names and urls of all case studies created by that webapp.


      I tried using this code:


      {module_data resource="pages" version="v3" fields="pageUrl,name" skip="0" limit="500" where="\{'pageUrl':\{'$beginsWith':'/case-studies/'\}\}" order="id" collection="myData"}

      <ul id="main-menu">
      {% for item in myData.items%}
      <li><a href="{{item.pageUrl}}">{{item.name}}</a></li>
      {% endfor %}

      But I guess it doesn't work because the case studies pages aren't technically "pages" just db references.

      Could anyone advise an alternative?

      many thanks for any help.