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    Lightroom 600% SLOWER than the competition

    Tanja2014 Level 2

      Lightroom 600% SLOWER THAN THE competition:




      looking at the closest competitor (capture one) the speed of lightroom is simply unnacceptable. :-(

      i am testing the latest c1 for a few days now and it´s really a way better experience.


      adobe has to do something....

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          getho Level 1

          I downloaded capture one last night.  I have to say it was faster on my 6 year old laptop than lightroom is on my desktop.  I always thought the issue with lightroom was not in the program but in what was being required of it: that processing and managing 36 MP images was constrained by hardware.  To find that it is a software limitation is galling. 

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            Keith_Reeder Level 4

            Utter rubbish. It is not "600%" slower. It might be that much slower for him, but that simply indicates an optimisation issue with his kit


            I use Lightroom, Capture One, DxO Optics Pro and Photo Ninja, all as a matter of routine, and Lr holds its own with all of them - indeed, it walks all over Optics Pro, which is painfully slow at everything.


            The fact is that they all "import" differently, which YouTube Boy clearly doesn't understand - there's no like-for-like comparison here. Indeed, it's only relatively recently (thanks in no small part to pressure from the likes of me: I'm active on the Capture One forum, and have beta tested for Phase One - and DxO) that we've even had the ability to do anything else at all with Capture One during its import phase: back in the day, after it had initially ingested images, it would then set about building previews and a cache, which would lock Capture One up completely until they were all built.


            Want to talk about slow?


            A common and recurring theme with posts (and that vid) complaining about "slow" is Mac OS - most such problems are on Apple kit. That's not going to be a coincidence. Lr flies on my Win 8.1 box...


            Still - keep the flamebait coming, Tanja.