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    FlashPaper 2 markup class

    neil manuell Level 1
      Basically I chose FP2 to develop a learning aid for classic texts. In the process I came across all thoughs annoying holes in it I'm sure we're all familiar with:
      1) the asfunction deassemble/edit/reassemble nightmare
      2) the inability to select more than one run of text at a time
      3) and the fact that its always green.

      so I wrote a class that enables the flash paper to be marked up with multiple selections of what ever colour wished. It also creates an xml of the data so it can be saved and loaded in again. each 'markup' has an event for load, rollover, rollout and click, and can have its own unique data attached to it.
      plus(as they say) much much more.
      I'm pretty proud of it and it has expanded FP2's usefulness to me by, well, a lot

      I would like to work up a public release of it, but lets face it with the developments from Adobe coming up in the next year (Apollo, as3, yada yada) is there any point? will there be much interest it even as a legacy piece of software?

      so what do you think? whould I be flogging a dead horse? and if not would such a thing be usful to you?

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          neil manuell Level 1
          guess thats my answer then
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            I was working with FP API too and it is in fact very useful ... and since Adobe does not really provide much information or tech support on the issue, I think our contributions might be extremly valuable.
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              neil manuell Level 1
              I agree, but I suggest that fp2 is going to become legacy very soon, obviously I will continue to use my code, but I was wondering if it would have a wider interest. I feel that
              1) the interest in this post
              2) the interest in this particular forum
              tells me that no, it won't.

              btw I have found it far more useful to totally ignore the api and just hack right into it. Unelegant... but quiet satisfying. ;-}
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                joseph skelly Level 1
                I have tried modifying FP using the API, but I don't have enough Actionscript skill to do what I really wanted. I was able to modify the interface, but there were two problems I couldn't solve, (1) I needed an integrated file, not an interface file that launched another FP file, and (2) the modified FP interface file does not open/resize according to the browser window size. I ended up buying a customized version from Zanzibar for $79, which is a lot cheaper than the time I would spend on it myself. Still, I would like to make other changes. Do you have samples of what you did online?