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    Lightroom Broken - Cannot Fix!


      For no apparent reason LR appears to have stopped working.


      The application is fully updated, I installed the most recent update after the debacle with the new release, hence I don't think it could be that. Nothing has changed with my computer. I am stumped.




      1) LR will not open at all

      2) After restarting comp LR opens my portfolio catalog, even if I tell it to open something else.

      3) When closing the Portfolio catalog and attempting to open another I return to point (1) "LR will not open at all"


      I have tried:


      1) Signing in and out of CC

      2) Restarting comp, repeatedly

      3) Uninstalling LR and reinstalling


      I'm not sure how to resolve this but I need it sorted asap for work.


      Hope to hear from someone soon.