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    analysis solve failed


      Ik gebruik 3D camera tracking. Ik krijg altijd dezelfde fout "analysis solve failed".

      Wat moet ik doen om het terug te laten werken?

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          aïchad Level 1

            Adobe after effects and I get this error every time "analysis solve failed".

          Can you help me?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are some shots that will not solve. You must have a significant amount of fixed geometry like buildings or other things in the frame that do not move. You cannot get a camera track shots of things like open water, a field of wheat blowing in the wind, a crowd of people walking down a sidewalk because everything in the shot is moving and there's not enough geometry for the tracker to figure out what's going on in the shot. Even a shot where you are following a single person walking down the street with a hand held camera may not track if the person walking introduces too much other movement in the frame.


            Please describe the shot in detail or show us a screenshot of the video to determine if this shot is one that cannot be tracked. With some shots you can remove some of the trackers and get the analysis to complete. We can't know what may work without more information on the shot.