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    Problems sharing INDD files via Dropbox



      My graphic designer and I are both using the latest cloud-based Adobe Suite. She has packaged and item and uploaded it to our dropbox. When I download the ZIP file, all things are included: the INDD file, a fonts folder, a links folder, and even a TXT file called "Instructions." However, when I open the INDD file, it says I am missing 37 links and 6 fonts! It's important that everything stay exactly the same as we upload and download edited files to Dropbox. What is the problem and how can I fix it?


      The secondary problem I'm having is this: We have only used 100 or 200 GB of our Dropbox out of a total 1TB. However, when she's trying to upload new files, she's getting an error message saying she doesn't have enough space. Does her personal dropbox space allowance somehow affect her ability to upload items to OUR Dropbox? I don't understand why that would be. An INDD file is under a gigabyte. What is going on?!