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    Issues with grouped elements


      While creating animations for web, grouping text over shapes is a common design feature of mine. Although these grouped elements seem to have serious bugs when copy and pasting from file to file. I also just noticed a huge problem where animated text bubbles only show the shapes and NOT the text even though it clearly shows in my .AN files. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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          joel_pau Level 5
          • About grouped elements:

          You can convert grouped elements to a symbol then export this symbol. You open a new edge file and you import your symbol.

          Creating symbols avoids copy and paste.


          • About text bubbles:

          Do you have a sample file?

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            Gmunson Level 1

            Thanks so much for the insight. I'm fluent in Flash but just starting to use EDGE. Very similar to the Aftereffects timeline, but there's a slight learning curve. You symbol suggestion we be super useful and just during trial and error yesterday I came to the conclusion that it was a system font issue all together and had nothing to do with the same grouping problem I was having. Thanks a million! cheers