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    Help with creating different master pages for large book please?


      Hi, I have a completed book of 106 pages.  I created 2 master pages, one for the front cover (not numbered) and the other for the rest of the pages.  I originally created individual border frames around each page because they will be a sequence of different colours every 12 pages recurring.  I was told it might be easier to put the border frame on my 2nd master page in one colour and then individually change the colours on each page.  But once I did this I realised that it was static on every page (reflecting the master page) and I could not change it!

      My question, before I revert to my original plan to add borders in the correct colour to each page, is whether there is another way I could easily have my borders sequence of 12 recurring throughout the book?

      It will take a long time to individually change each colour but if there is an easier way I would love to hear it.  I don't understand ID that well, and if I create 12 border master pages in my recurring colours how can I then add them to each set of 12?

      I should add that they are not technically borders, it was easier to make them an inch stroke effect within a frame but I don't think that's important?

      I hope I am explaining this properly?

      Any ideas at all?

      Many thanks.