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    Lightroom 6 disk activity

    mikeengles Level 1


      I use Lightroom 6 standalone on Windows 7 Pro.

      I have 3 catalogs, two of which are quite small. The largest catalog has thousands of images from 3 Canon DSLRs.

      It is this catalog that seems to cause 1 sec bursts of disk activity, that can almost be continuous.

      It is also extremely annoying, brrrr______brrrr_______brrrr. I do have 4 disks in the computer, but have not managed to work out what drive is causing the problem.

      I do not have this problem with Lightroom running the other 2 catalogs. Obviously the prefs are the same for all the catalogs. I also have all plugins disabled.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      No rattling disks when Lightroom is not running


      Mike Engles

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi mikeengles,


          Since it is happening with a particular catalog, I would suggest you to create a new catalog and then, go to file> Import from another catalog to import data from that previous catalog

          and test if that works well.

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            mikeengles Level 1


            Thanks for your reply.

            I did as you suggested, but the same problem exists with the new catalogue.

            As I write this Lightroom is not running and there is no hard disk rattling.

            The disk rattles whilst that catalogue is being used and continues for a minute or so after Lightroom is closed.

            Mike Engles

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              Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

              thanks for the update Mike.


              Would suggest you to try dividing the main catalog into four different catalogs, each having files from one of the four different drives to see which drive is having the problem.

              You can do this by duplicating the catalog 4 times (thus leaving an original untouched copy) and removing all the files from the other drives (use the Folder panel to isolate all the files for a given drive).

              Let us know the outcome.

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                mikeengles Level 1


                I use one drive for the files and another for the catalogues.

                The other drives contain the OS and backups

                I have tried to split up the main database into

                catalogues for the individual cameras, but the problem persists.


                Mike Engles

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                  Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                  Is it happening with all the catalogs that you got after splitting your main catalog? Or, particularly the ones with larger number of images in them?


                  It seems like that the OS drive is making the noise due to difference in the memory usage and performance while running the bigger catalogs.

                  you might want to purge the cache by going to Lightroom Preferences> File Handling> purge cache under Video Cache Settings


                  However, drives making louder noise than normal is usually due to them spinning faster than normal, which means they are busy. But this could easily be a physical problem, like the drive is not mounted correctly in the case, or that the drive is dying mechanically.

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                    mikeengles Level 1


                    This might be of use to you.

                    I ran procmon to see what was happening with

                    Lightroom and my U drive that contains all my Raw files.

                    As you can see I accessed some files  Paris 2012

                    file 016742 and Lighroom also looks at succeeding files. These have a path U.

                    After that there is a whole series of U accesses,

                    but no path. The detail column shows that

                    Lightroom is looking at a folder dated 2009, but

                    is not asking for a particular file. I do have 2

                    such  folders. One has a few .CR2 and .XMP files

                    and 2 jpegs and the other some .dng files.


                    As far as I know I have never looked at those

                    folders with Lightroom, but did use Bridge in 2009.


                    I have just started Bridge, which I have not used

                    for quite some time. It is doing the same thing!

                    It is polling the 2009 folder called slides. I have looked in the registry for

                    02/01/2009 but cannot find anything.


                    Mike Engles

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                      Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                      Thank you for sharing the information Mike.

                      I believe you shared a screenshot but I did not receive that.

                      You might want to attach the screenshot again through the browser for better understanding.




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                        mikeengles Level 1


                        Here are the screenshotsLightroom Disk Rattles.jpg

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                          Brett N Adobe Employee

                          Curious set of activity there. Lightroom generally only writes information to the catalog file, which, as you report, is not on the U: drive. In the screen shot above, Lightroom appears to be trying to read information from your U: drive's root directory. The date of 2009 is the creation date, which would been when the drive was either manufactured or the last time it was formatted. This date has no bearing on the situation. Specifically, it says the action being performed is that Lightroom is Syncing. So Lightroom is gathering information from the U: drive, but the question is what is it trying to gather and why?


                          Can you post a screen shot of what your catalog metadata settings are. Edit > Catalog Settings and then select the Metadata tab. Unlike the Lightroom application Preferences (Edit > Preferences) Catalog settings can be setup to be different for each catalog, they are not universal across all catalogs. This is why it would be important to check for differences between the catalogs that don't result in addition U: drive activity and those that do.

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                            mikeengles Level 1


                            Thanks for your reply.

                            I think that you are correct that somehow the other contents of the U drive are being accessed, not just the RAW files.

                            It seems to be reading or looking for all files including Jpegs.

                            I did have all the boxes in the top of the metadata ticked, so perhaps Lightroom is trying to write data for jpegs etc, which are in subfolders to the main CR2 folders.

                            I have now unticked everything and am building a new database using just the .XMP data in the folders and bypassing the Catalogue import.

                            Keep you posted.

                            Mike Engles

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                              mikeengles Level 1



                              Well I sit here with a new catalogue in develop using just 4463 images in 43 folders and the same problem.

                              The previews have been built from existing XMP files, but as far as I can tell there is no connection with the old catalogue

                              Machine gun 1 sec bursts every few secs from the drive that contains the files.

                              These are still there when Lightroom is not working, but few and far between.

                              If I stop to write this the bursts decrease in frequency, but as soon as I go back and start editing they reappear. Most irritating!

                              The catalogue prefs have create XMP files ticked.

                              This problem has become more noticeable from the latter end of Lightroom 5 and now Lightroom 6


                              Mike Engles

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                                Brett N Adobe Employee

                                For the two catalogs that do not exhibit this behavior, are they not working with files on the U: drive? Or is the Write XMP option in the Preferences off? If you create a new catalog that doesn't include files from the U: drive, do you get the same behavior?

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                                  mikeengles Level 1


                                  Many thanks for your reply


                                  The two catalogs that do not cause problems use files on another 2 drives.

                                  One of those catalogues had all the metadata boxes ticked.

                                  It made no difference if XMP is on or off.


                                  I think that the problem is some strange interaction with Windows.

                                  I copied all the U drive images to another drive

                                  and directed the old catalogue to that. Then I

                                  disconnected the U drive. Result silence, just

                                  random and low level drive chatter. Reconnecting

                                  the U drive does bring back the chatter, but it

                                  is infrequent and only seems to happen when the

                                  drive is actually accessed. It is possible that

                                  it has something to do with Autoplay. I have

                                  turned that off, with no improvement


                                  I deleted all references to the U drive in the

                                  registry, but that does not help. I also renamed

                                  the U drive, but that also does nothing. I could

                                  try formatting the drive, but I imagine that will

                                  be no better than renaming the drive. Windows

                                  tools says there is no problem with the drive, as

                                  I did think that it might be dying.


                                  At the moment I am happy. I can edit my pictures

                                  and fiddle about in Lightroom without the

                                  annoying background chatter. Not a rigorous solution, but it works.


                                  Thanks for your help

                                  Mike Engles