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    achieve this without frames

    namtax Level 1
      hi i have a site where an index is feeding what is displayed in a cftree...so if you click on a, this feeds to the query which displays the tree

      SELECT (music info)

      SO essentially the index has a href which feeds to the url when clicked, which then determines what is displayed in the tree. This works well.

      Now on the tree the child nodes are albums relating to the artist, clicking on the album node displays information dynamically about that album to the right of the screen.....

      this works in the same way as the index in that the href for the cftree feeds to the url, which then determines which album to show.

      The issue is, that as i have two queries being determined by the URL, they interfere with one another, so you cant use the index independantly of the the cftree. See my site here to see what i mean click here

      When you click on the child node of the tree to display album info, the cftree dissapears.......

      I have managed to achieve what i want using frames....see here click here

      but i have heard lots of bad things about frames, and you also cant refer to a particular configuration of a frameset through the URL with frames, which makes them bad for navigation...

      So i want to achieve what i have here with frames through some other method...i have heard SSI is the way to achieve this, but i cant get this to work, as the issue with feeding two queries through the URL still persists here

      Any help would be massively appreciated
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          The ScareCrow Level 1
          Not really sure why you are doing it the way you are.

          There should only be the single query.

          The user clicks a letter and the query returns a result set that contains all the artists for that letter, it also returns all the albums and all the tracks, picture, ect.........

          You would then build your tree from the returned result set. You could then use javascript to populate the fields to the right with the information passed from the tree.

          But also, you could use frames or an iframe.
          Frames can't be that bad if MM use them in the auto generation of the Flex page for the history.

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            namtax Level 1
            thanks for the response....

            would you be able to point me in the direction with regards to javascript?

            I am unsure of how i would populate the fields to the right with the information passed to the tree

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              The ScareCrow Level 1
              There are plenty of js sites out there, just google.

              But basically you need to pass the value(s) to a function

              note img is the path to the image
              function fillForm(img){
              document.getElementById('myImage').src = img;

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                namtax Level 1
                have just bought a javascript book.

                I didnt know javascript could be that useful

                thanks for advice