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      I can not do the animations of Edge Animate run on ePub fixed layout file.


      Used InDesign cc2014


      Anyone know why?

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          Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

          That's the Nature of the ePub Beast !

          An ePub needs to have all content included, that's problem number one.

          The OAM file you're placing into the InDesign page probably contains links to online scripts on a CDN server. and that's not allowed. Only hyperlinks are expected (and therefore allowed) to go online and whip up a browser.

          And even if you would prevent the scripts to be loaded from an external server, many ePub reader software is reluctant in supporting iframes, even if the frame loads embedded content. The reader just won't allow any URLs, either relative (internally) or absolute (externally).

          So you have to stick to animating with whatever InDesign has available for you...

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            Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

            PS, please DO upgrade to the most recent CC 2015 for ePub FXL !