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    Need urgent help with color inconsistency in photoshop and out of photoshop.



      So this is what happens when I am saving my photos to my computer. I can color correct all I want in lightroom/photoshop but when I save them they get very discolored. No matter how much I try to calibrate my system's color, it is still incorrect. I can't seem to figure out how to restore to a system default color calibration without restoring my laptop to factory defaults. However, when I calibrate my color there's no way that I'm that far off. A friend sent me a logo from a different color profile and maybe that's what messed up my color? I'm not too sure and I'm in a rush to publish my website but I can't do so with these horribly discolored images. Another thing that I noticed before this issue is that my laptop's color (Asus g53 s) differs a little bit from my iphone. I attempted to re-calibrate and maybe messed something up along the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!