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    How do I get FLV movie to play again?

    asiabackpacker Level 1
      This is the most basic thing, but apparently I have become a total actionscript retard over the past couple years...

      I have an FLV playing in frame one of my movie. On the FLV, I have "on(complete)..." Once the FLV has finished playing, it sends the main timeline to the next frame where a logo fades in over the movie, then it returns to frame one where the movie should start playing again, but alas it doesn't play again! It just sits there...

      What do I have to do to get the movie to start playing again when my movie hits frame one?

      So just to clarify, the movie plays fine at first, my on(complete) command works, and sends the main timeline to the next frame, but when it returns to frame one, the movie does not play again.