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    Canon 5d Mark ii Images with fixed white balance value. When imported in Lightroom the value is different.

    Richard Allaire

      if I take a shot with fixed WB value of 5200K (5d Mark ii) and import into LR 2015.2.1, it comes in at 4850K. No presets or adjustment applied.


      Any idea why? How I can fix it?



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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee



          May i know what is the format of the image. Is it a jpeg or raw file.



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            Richard Allaire Level 1

            RAW file import... Converted to DNG.

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              cppasm Level 3

              The temperature and tint values should not match to incamera settings - they are RAW engine dependant.

              This values just must give you the same visual color representation of your image as internal camera processing.

              You can try different RAW converter and it will give you different numbers.

              In short - Temp/Tint values means nothing.

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                Richard Allaire Level 1

                I've sort of come to that conclusion. Not what I expected though. Figured I'd check.

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                  trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Good answer here: Re: Camera White balance vs Lightroom White balance


                  In addition Canon's Daylight camera setting is 5200 and LR's is 5500, which is the film industry accepted Daylight standard (mid-day Sunlight). So which one is correct? Maybe at Canon's HQ in Tokyo, Japan it's 5200K....don't know.

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                    knipsefritze Level 1

                    I stumbled across that too, while shooting with fixed white balance in the studio. From what I remember researching then, the fixed white balance only applies to the JPG images, since RAW does not have a fixed white balance. So, the preview image that is shown on the camera screen will have the fixed white balance, which is nice under controlled studio lighting, cause all the previews on camera are the same white balance.

                    After loading the RAW-files into LR, I just set the white balance for the first shot how it should be and sync it to the rest.


                    4850 K is a nice white balance for skin tone, when you shoot in controlled lighting. I learned that stuff in an era, where all pros shot on profesional slide film and we would measure the light balance with the minolta color light meter. Then we would adjust either the light source with cc filters to 4850 or would filter in front of the lens with Kodak Wratten Filters 80 and 81 series, depending on the need to cool it down a bit or warm it up.

                    Well, amazing, that you can do all that today by just moving a slider left or right. I still use my 25 year old Minolta color light meter to make sure, that the key and background lights are fairly close in color temperature, especially if I use grey or light grey as background.

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                      martin:) Level 1

                      Presetting a white balance using 'K' just doesn't work except for the embedded JPEG preview. However if you use 'auto', 'cloudy' or any of the other presets, the wb is preserved and Lightroom shows the correct numbers.


                      I'm not sure why.

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                        trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        All raw converters use the four RGGB white balance multipliers embedded in the raw file EXIF data to set the white balance and "calculate" the Temp and Tint values displayed inside the LR Develop module's WB panel.


                        Scroll down to the 'White Balance' section of the DCRAW Tutorial PDF here: GUILLERMO LUIJK >> TUTORIALS >> DCRAW TUTORIAL  This is the way all raw converters set the raw file white balance and "calculate" the Temperature and Tint values.


                        Here's a Canon 5D MKII CR2 file with in-camera 'As Shot' White Balance setting:

                        (EXIF Data Maker Notes)

                        Using the 'As Shot' WB setting in LR  shows a 4800 Temp reading, which should produce a slight visual difference than the intended in-camera 5134 setting, correct?

                        However, with the above 'As Shot' LR white balance settings the CR2 file matches the in-camera JPEG file perfectly on my Canon 5D MKII (raw + JPEG file format). It's just that the Temp readings don't match, since they are "calculated" from the four RGGB multipliers. Each raw converter (LR, Aperture, C1) will probably show different Temp and Tint values, since they are derived using "reverse engineering" of the camera manufacturer's proprietary raw file data structure and camera sensor response.


                        Also keep in mind that the camera's spectral response is affected by batch-to-batch manufacturing variations. One Canon 5D MKII body may produce slightly different WB than another using the same exact settings. Rather than rely on in-camera or LR presets use a good white balance card or the ColorChecker Passport to "calibrate" the LR white balance settings for standard shooting conditions (Daylight, Cloudy, Flash, etc.). For critical projects shoot the white balance card at least once for each unique lighting condition. You can then determine the correct setting inside LR and Sync the WB settings across all images shot with that specific lighting.

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                          martin:) Level 1

                          I'm not too fussed about wb since I adjust it purely visually anyway. I would prefer though that my custom K setting would carry over into LR just as the other presets do.

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                            Richard Allaire Level 1

                            I feel the same way martin:), I was expecting something and didn't see it. Thanks for the clarification you all.



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                              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              martin:) wrote:


                              I'm not too fussed about wb since I adjust it purely visually anyway.

                              This is especially true for pictures taken at sunrise, sunset, or on a cloudy day. Setting the "correct" white balance for this type of lighting is going to look unnatural. You'll probably want to adjust it somewhere in between the normal Daylight setting and the "correct" setting (white balance card R=G=B).


                              Of course all of this is an exercise in futility if your monitor isn't properly calibrated.