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    Publish all files to same folder and custom font size problem (edge animate 2014 )



      edge animate 2014:


      First question:

      is it possible to publish all files to one folder, instead having seperate folder for images?

      my client specifically wants me to deliver the animation that way.

      animate 2015, as i know, has that option.


      Second question:

      my animation requires using the custom font, which is heavy when included in fontkit folder.

      is it possible to work with custom font and to publish it as outlines or as an image?

      creating png text in illustrator is okay, but not until i know which size my text is going to be.

      using svg image instead png would be better, but browsers often don't show my svgs, used in edge animate, as they should. they get blurry or distorted..

      also, maybe hosting the custom font on a third party host (for example, in a folder on my personal website) and then call it through css is an option?

      but then, maybe some security issues on my clients server can occure?


      my client specifically stated that delivered animation(s) must be under 300kb, but the font alone is 1.2MB.