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    Is it possible to create home network in which two computers can access LR cc?




      I'd like to be able to use LR cc on both of my home computers.  I would not have it open on the machines simultaneously.  I'm running late-model iMacs.


      I understand that LR is not easy to network.  However, if I attached an NAS to each machine by ethernet, and mirrored the NAS's overnight, could that provide a solution?  I've heard that Dropbox can be a solution, and maybe I could use Dropbox on an NAS attached to each machine, that could work as well. I also do video editing (with Final Cut Pro X) and I'd like to do the same thing with video. It seems to me that the wired connection to each machine would eliminate the wifi penalty of using a single NAS (if that is possible).


      Any thoughts?