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    Crashing while Packaging


      For many months my InDesign CC has crashed in the middle of packaging our monthly newsletter.  Usually the re-captured folder has been useable.  This is no longer true and even WinZip crashes if I try to send the document to it. We're not talking about a lengthy document. Today's issue is a two-sided 11 x 17".  Any suggestions?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Start by trashing your prefs (see Replace Your Preferences ) and if that doesn't work, split the file into two files and see if either one will package. Anything that fails, remove half the content and try again, splitting anything that is failing, or adding back half of anything you remove when it works. If it's a file problem, that will locate it quickly.


          Is this a "recycled" file that you just replace content in over and over? That workflow will eventually lead to disaster from accumulating minor corruptions.