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    Problem with After Effects 2015 and Quicktime 7.7.7 and up

    Victor Wolansky Level 2

      Hi! I have ran into this problem on many computers and wanted to share it just in case you have the same issue so you do not have to waste time...


      if you are Running After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder and a Quicktime version higher than 7.7.2, Actually had the problem with 7.7.8 and 7.7.9 I think is the latest one.   And if you try to export a Quicktime file with H.264 codec you will run into this:




      After Effects error: Rendering error while writing to file “C:\Users\victor\Desktop\Comp 1.mov”. An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)

        10/14/2015 12:51:42 PM: Finished composition “Comp 1”.



      Roll back to Qt 7.7.2 fixed it for me. Reported it to Adobe. Hopefully will get fixed.