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    Button Code

    bcounts Level 1
      I am working on a mapquest direction script - however I have run into a syntax error problem I can not solve. Below is the code that I have placed on my get directions button. Can anyone see a problem right off? I am using Flash 8, ActionScript 2!!!

      Here is a link to my fla file - if someone can look at it and help me fix it I would really helpful.

      FLA : http://www.apsiaustin.com/Directions 8.fla

      Button ActionScript :

      on (press) {
      //Where the map will find directions
      //to should be filled out below
      //Address of where directions will go to
      address_2 = "9411 Neils Thompson Drive"
      //City of where directions will go to
      city_2 = "Austin"
      //State of where directions will go to, you must abbreviate the state
      state_2 = "TX"
      //Zip code of where directions will go to
      zip_2 = "78758"
      if ((address.length > 0) & (city.length > 0) & (zip.length > 0)) {
      url = " http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?go=1&do=nw&un=m&2tabval=address&cl=EN&ct=NA&1t abval=address&1y=US&1a=" add address.text add "&1c=" add city.text add "&1z=" add zip.text add "&2y=US" add "&2a=" add address_2 add "&2c=" add city_2 add "&2s=" add state_2 add "&2z=" add zip_2 add "&idx=0&id=410ed2bb-002ee-01b60-400c3301&aid=410ed2bb-002ef-01b60-400c3301";
      } else {
      error = "Error: Please Fill Out All Text Fields"

      Thank you for any help in advance from anyone.

      My email address is : bcounts@austin.rr.com