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    Cannot Export my Client's Images: Lightroom Hangs and Crashes

    DavidSophistry Level 1

      I made the mistake of blindly doing the upgrade to Lightroom CC 2015.1. It has caused havoc in my workflow. I then upgraded to 2015.2, hoping it would fix the crashes. I'm using a Mac Pro with 64GB RAM and dual video cards. I have turned off the GPU access and everything else Adobe has instructed. But I am still stuck with the inability to export 83 images for a client. Lightroom hangs and crashes every time. I tried exporting small numbers (3-5) at a time. It works the first time, then hangs and crashes again. I am no longer adding files to Lightroom's catalog, using another asset manager instead. Short of reprocessing all those images in another raw converter/asset manager, any suggestions about getting my images exported?