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    QuickTime/El Cap- problem (Mac)


      AE can't  find  QuickTime. You know the issue and it has been discussed in several threads before. I have tried everything but nothing works for me.


      i did not ran AE on Yosemite, I'd installed CC after I upgraded the OS. will the QT-problem go away if I go back to Yosemite, or is it not related to the OS update?


      EL Capitan don't allow me to install an older version of QT. are there any way around that?


      Also, AE don't preview ok (it stops after a few sec).  Might this be related to the QT issue?


      Btw, premiere Cc 2015 don't work either.


      I have spent two full days trying to fix AE and Premiere (wich don't work either)


      I have a deadline coming up and need to deliver a corporate movie in a few days. 


      So, outside Adobe, which video editing program would you suggest I change to until Adobe and Apple have sorted this out? Final cut?