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    How can you create Extension sets?


      There are users who have a regular need to switch from one set of Extensions to another in InDesign and InCopy. Since third-party extensions may replace some standard plug-ins, this can be difficult to manage.


      Prior to Extension Manager, users simply created a new named set inside the application, chose the set they want, and restarted the application. Clean, simple, comprehensible.


      With Extension Manager in CS5.x and 6.x, users could go to Extension Manager and go to the Customized Set menu, and create a new set as required. Less convenient than inside the application, and less informative with respect to conflicts and dependencies, but still usable.


      In Extension Manager CC, the Customized Set option is gone. As our work relates to editorial systems, and all of our users require plug-in management, this seems a big step backwards. Alternatives now seem limited to writing your own script, installing and uninstalling third-party plug-ins every time you need to switch, or maintaining multiple copies of the application. None of these is very clean, and they don't feel like solutions at all.


      Is there a reason this functionality has been removed? It feels like an ongoing progression in the wrong direction.