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    FLVPlayback Empty Buffer


      Is it possible to listen for and empty or full buffer in the FLVPlayback component? I know this can be done with NetStream.Buffer.Empty and NetStream.Buffer.Full however I am wondering if there is similar function for the FLVPlayback component. I cannot seem to find anything documented. Only stateChange is documented and I am not sure this can acheive the same effect as the NetStream.Buffer.Empty.

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          arunbe Level 1
          Try to look, what kind of netStream is using the Component.
          You can get all the variables and Mcs used in the component by tracing like this
          for(I in FLVPlayback_cmp)
          So, if you got the netStream name used in the FLV COmponent you can trace out the states....
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            mtbennett24 Level 1
            Thank you for the advice,

            I did what you recommeneded but can't identify any property that would be considered a netStream object:

            flv_container.flv._seekBar = undefined
            flv_container.flv._cuePoints = null
            flv_container.flv._cpMgr = [object Object]
            flv_container.flv._vpState = [object Object]
            flv_container.flv._vp = _level0.flv_container.flv.0
            flv_container.flv._topVP = 0
            flv_container.flv._visibleVP = 0
            flv_container.flv._activeVP = 0
            flv_container.flv._uiMgr = [object Object]
            flv_container.flv._firstStreamShown = true
            flv_container.flv._firstStreamReady = true
            flv_container.flv._preSeekTime = -1
            flv_container.flv._scaleY = 100
            flv_container.flv._scaleX = 100
            flv_container.flv._origWidth = 400
            flv_container.flv._prevWidth = 400
            flv_container.flv.__width = 400
            flv_container.flv._origHeight = 320
            flv_container.flv._prevHeight = 320
            flv_container.flv.__height = 320
            flv_container.flv._bufferingBarHides = false
            flv_container.flv._transform = null
            flv_container.flv._progressInterval = 250
            flv_container.flv._playheadUpdateInterval = 250
            flv_container.flv._seekToPrevOffset = 1
            flv_container.flv._idleTimeout = 300000
            flv_container.flv.dispatchQueue = [type Function]
            flv_container.flv.dispatchEvent = [type Function]
            flv_container.flv.removeEventListener = [type Function]
            flv_container.flv.addEventListener = [type Function]
            flv_container.flv._volume = 100
            flv_container.flv._totalTime = 0
            flv_container.flv._skinAutoHide = false
            flv_container.flv._skin =
            flv_container.flv._aspectRatio = true
            flv_container.flv._isLive = false
            flv_container.flv._contentPath =
            flv_container.flv._bufferTime = 3
            flv_container.flv._autoSize = false
            flv_container.flv._autoRewind = true
            flv_container.flv._autoPlay = false
            flv_container.flv.0 = _level0.flv_container.flv.0
            flv_container.flv.boundingBox_mc = _level0.flv_container.flv.boundingBox_mc
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              it may be in the:

              flv_container.flv._vp, that should be the video player that the flvplayback is "wrapping". You can actually look into the source code of the flvplayback to find it also. To find it search your hard drive for "FLVPlayback.as", then trace the code in there to find a netstream. For me it was in C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\First Run\Classes\mx\video\FLVPlayback.as.

              Remember also depending if you are strict typing or not you will need to access it like so:

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                mtbennett24 Level 1
                Thank you. I found the actual NetStream object in the class file but it seems to be a private variable. I could potentially change it but don't think it is worth it to foul anything up.
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                  danielholmes85 Level 1

                  Originally posted by: knucklenutz
                  it seems to be a private variable. I could potentially change it but don't think it is worth it to foul anything up.

                  Nah definately don't change the flvplayback file (or wherever it is), but you can still access and use it using array notation. That's what i meant by:


                  instead of using ._ns or whatever it is (which would give you an error because it is private), use ["_ns"] instead. If you are just using events it won't mess anything up. I probably wouldn't recommend setting variables or calling modifier functions in it though.

                  Something which kind of shows how it works is if you do this line in a blank fla:

                  var str: String = _root.getDepth(); //get an error


                  var str: String = _root["getDepth"](); // no error