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    Lightroom edit in Photoshop CC not showing up after save back in Lightroom.


      I am asking this on behalf of my father as I am using his computer to do edits for him.


      He currently has the latest versions of PS & LR, and this has been happening for a while (since LR4). He is also running windows 7 (I can check which version if needs be).


      The problem:

      - Go edit in> Photoshop CC on a photo, choose either edit copy/ copy with Lightroom adjustments.

      - Make edits in PS then save (not save as)

      - When I go back to Lightroom no photo is selected anymore and the Copy with edits can't be found. Original is still there, and even synchronizing folder doesnt do anything (doesnt show any new photos to import).

      - This also happens when stitching Panoramas in PS, etc.

      Notes on what I have checked:
      - The edited photo is saved in the correct folder, right after the original when sorted by name (in file explorer)

      - Checked the external editing preferences, TIFF, ProPhotoRGB, 16bit, 300dpi, ZIP(compression). I have tried the other file compressions to, didnt help.

      - I installed Google Nic software yesterday and if I use Silver Efex Pro from lightroom it shows up straight after the save.


      Wondering if anyone could help, or have any suggestions, as all his edits he does in PS are missing from the correct folder in the LR cataloge and its a really annoying issue!