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    Element 3D particle replicator issue with rotation


      Any advice on how to rotate the entire particle replicator system in Element 3D? 






      I tried playing with the replicator rotation settings, but it just seems to rotate each particle, whereas I want the entire particle system to rotate.  I want more diversity in the flow of the particles that I've created, as they seem to be on a loop, repeating the same pattern.  I believe adding random rotation to the system will do the trick, but I can't seem to pull it off.



      The settings that I've altered to achieve the effect thus far are as follows (all other settings remain the default):



      Scene Setup:

      Sphere Model

      Segments = 16

      Normal Threshold = 180 degrees

      Optimize Mesh = On

      Enable Deformation = On



      Group 1:

      Particle count = 5,000

      Replicator shape = Sphere

      Replicator Effects>Position noise>Noise evolution = 0x +88 degrees to 1x +88 degrees (over 5 seconds)

      Replicator Effects>Position noise>Noise amount = 103 to 166 (over 5 seconds)



      Any help would be appreciated, thanks!