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    font used in graphics


      Hi All,

      I want to generate the list of fonts in InDesign files.

      There is lot of fonts in links. while i go in Type->Find Font... in InDesign that shows all fonts including the graphic fonts.

      But i read from javascript all the graphic fonts are listed as "Myriad Pro" not the exact graphic font name.

      Also i dont want the graphic font name in my list.

      How to find. Please help me...



      Thanks in Advance


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          BSKTCreation Level 2

          Hi Mahesh,


          Does this do what you're after?


          myFonts = [];
          for (var i = 0; i < app.activeDocument.fonts.length; i++) {
              myFonts[i] = app.activeDocument.fonts[i].name + "\u000D";




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            Mahesh_JW Level 1

            Hi Brett,


            Thanks and Sorry for the late reply.

            this code shows that take all the font list in the document.

            But I don't want the font which is presented in the graphics(Links or Art).

            I cant find which font is present in the graphics.

            Also some fonts substituted by "Myriad Pro" some fonts not it is bit confusing.